who we are?

Our dry fruit production process includes direct purchase from farmers to production, shipping, and marketing. Our producers carefully
buy fruits to provide the highest quality

We love healthy natural products and we need to have the highest level of quality to enjoy its numerous properties and pleasant taste.

Our services

our company has set high standards for itself to produce the highest quality dried fruit. We buy the fruits from the best producers,
carefully evaluate them to dry the best ones, then dry them with the best methods and send them to you.


Dried Fruits

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Mixed Dried Fruits

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Gift Package

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We are the first dry fruit production and retail collection with a new style in the virtual space with the aim of sharing the familiar tastes of childhood and healthy tastes of life with you. We wish to see you in our family. In our blood, always open to each other…


You can also see our necessary licenses and standards. It is very important for us that the final product is of the highest possible quality


We accept responsibility for the quality of our products. We believe that our body is our greatest asset that will be with us for the rest of our lives. What we eat should be helpful for our body in addition to pleasure and not cause disease over time. All our efforts are to produce the highest quality of healthy dried fruit without sugar, preservatives, and additives.



Our contracted companies choose and deliver the best transportation method according to your needs at a reasonable price, and there is no need for a secondary company. We arrange a wide range of shipping services for our clients for their imports and exports.